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Since humans have been on this planet, humans have always had to deal with problems with eating. Eating right can make you live longer, healthier, and more beautiful. On the contrary, eating improperly will cause you health problems, your life expectancy will be shortened. So, as a matter of fact how to eat properly? In search of this, answer there are many documents, books, and research papers. In general, it includes the following issues:

– The first is clean food: it means that the food as close to nature as possible, the less processed it is possible, do not add unnatural spices.

– Second, full nutrients’ food: as mentioned above, food that has been processed many times will lose its inherent nutrients. Therefore, using fresh and raw food is more nutritious than stored food, such as canned foods.

– Third, Eat according to your body’s needs: to quote from the nutrition to be needed for your body. From there you have a reasonable diet. Avoid habitual eating, which has previously caused you health problems. You need to change your diet to suit your current body. Note: do not eat excess protein, cross. Encourage eating plenty of fiber.

– Finally, a vital factor is as follows: your diet must absolutely contain vitamins and minerals. The organs of the human body need a lot of vitamins and minerals to function. If there is a lack of a substance that the body needs for a long time is the leading cause of danger for your health, if it is severe it will be dangerous to your life. They are found in vegetables, roots, fruits, and seeds.

To understand what diet is suitable for people who need to lose weight. I present to you a flavor combination eating guide to regulate the hormones in the body. That document is the Cinderella Solution.

What is Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution is a method of weight loss for women, it is drawn from the Japanese macrobiotic method. Helps your body balance three essential hormones. Create a metabolic balance. In addition to helping you lose weight, it can also heal a number of women’s ailments such as menstruation.

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